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Service Agreements

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Employees must commit to work for a specified amount of time. Most service requirements must be set for a period of time not less than 3 years.

Beginning Period

Agencies should specify the beginning date of the service requirement in the candidate’s or employee’s service agreement. The service requirement begins at the time specified in the service agreement, but may begin no earlier than the time the service agreement is signed. For example, an agency could make the student loan repayment benefits contingent on an employee’s completion of a basic training program. In this example, the employee enters Federal service and completes a 90-day training course. The service agreement may state that, if the employee successfully completes the course, the service requirement begins at that time.

May agreements be prorated?

The minimum service requirement is established in statute and may not be prorated.

Employee Reimbursements

Under these circumstances, the employee is not required by law to reimburse the paying agency unless specified in the service agreement.

Agency Obligations

The gaining agency is not obligated to make any loan payments previously agreed to by another agency.

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