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All Government Benefits Explained

All Government Benefits Explained

Employees of the US Government often enjoy benefits packages unparalleled by those offered in any other profession. The wide range of benefits available to federal employees goes way beyond insurance and retirement; these perks include job security, outstanding ‘family friendly’ health insurance and retirement plans, and steadily accumulating raises. You may be surprised to learn that federal government jobs – after you factor in the benefits – often pay up to twice as much as private sector jobs.

How Can I Learn About Government Benefits?
The majority of government benefits are either state or federally funded, and each department offers different benefits. Believe it or not, over 31 million Federal government web pages currently supply information about government job benefits; why not use GovCentral’s resources to explore government benefits before you look into a specific department’s benefit information?

Use Our Benefits Channel
Our Benefits section is growing more and more comprehensive in its government of government benefits packages. To learn more about the specific benefits that may apply to you, please browse through the following categories:

Top Level Benefits Categories
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Family Flexibility (13)
Flexible Spending Accounts (8)
Health Benefits (6)
Leave and Holidays (16)
Life Insurance and Long-Term Care (4)
Recruitment (4)
Retention Benefits (3)
Retirement Planning (5)
Student Loan Repayment (6)
Taxes (17)
Transfers and Relocations(3)
Veterans Preference (7)

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