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Sick Leave for Personal Medical Reasons

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

An employee may use sick leave when he or she:

  1. is incapacitated for the performance of duties by physical or mental illness, injury, pregnancy, or childbirth;
  2. receives medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment; or
  3. would, as determined by the health authorities having jurisdiction or by a health care provider, jeopardize the health of others by his or her presence on the job because of exposure to a communicable disease.

Requesting Sick Leave

An employee must request sick leave within such time limits as the agency may require. An agency may require employees to request advance approval of sick leave for medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment.

Granting Sick Leave

An agency may grant sick leave only when supported by evidence administratively acceptable to the agency. For absences in excess of 3 days, or for a lesser period when determined necessary by the agency, an agency may require a medical certificate or other administratively acceptable evidence.

Advance Sick Leave

At the discretion of the agency, a maximum of 30 days of sick leave may be advanced to an employee with a medical emergency.

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