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Restoration of Annual Leave

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Agencies may restore annual leave that was forfeited because it was in excess of the maximum leave ceilings (i.e., 30, 45, or 90 days) if the leave was forfeited because of an administrative error, exigency of the public business, or sickness of the employee. An agency must restore the annual leave in a separate leave account.

Administrative Error

The employing agency determines what constitutes an administrative error.

Exigency of the Public Business

The employing agency determines that an exigency—i.e., an urgent need for the employee to be at work – is of major importance and that excess annual leave cannot be used. An employee’s use of earned compensatory time off or credit hours does not constitute an exigency of the public business. If the use of earned compensatory time off or credit hours that are about to expire results in the forfeiture of excess annual leave, the forfeited leave cannot be restored.


The employing agency determines that the annual leave was forfeited because of aperiod of absence due to an employee’s sickness or injury that occurred late in the leave year or was of such duration that the excess annual leave could not be rescheduled for use before the end of the leave year.

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