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Career Development Assistance Overview

Career Development Assistance Overview

What is Career Development?

Career Development, or Organization Development, refers to how individuals manage their careers within and between organizations. Essentially, employees use Career Development Assistance to plan the future of their career.

Which Career Development Assistance is ultimately focused on enabling individuals to take advantage of future job opportunities, it is equally focused on fulfilling agencies’ goals for workforce productivity; therefore, a focus is placed on enhancing each employee’s current job performance as well.

The type of assistance offered varies by agency and each employee, but typical provided services include: professional development activities, publications, research, public information, professional standards, advocacy, and recognition for achievement and service.

Who Does It?

• Managers are responsible for linking the organization’s needs to employee career goals, and can assist employees in the career planning process.
• Human Resources is responsible for designing career paths and employee development programs that help employees reach their goals.
• Each employee is responsible for planning and managing his/her career.

This area explains the Career Development process, and provides career planning resources that can help you and your agency set career goals and develop career plans.


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