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Adoption Incentives

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

The Federal government offers its employees leave and health benefits relating to adopting a child. The main adoption-specific incentives are Sick Leave for Adoption and Health Insurance Benefits. Below is information specific to sick leave.

This law became effective on September 30, 1994, and allows Federal employees to use sick leave for absences relatied to adoption.

What Adoption-Related Activities Are Covered

The purposes for which an adoptive parent may request sick leave include appointments with adoption agencies, social workers, and attorneys; court proceedings; required travel; and any other activities necessary to allow the adoption to proceed.

Can I Use Sick Leave For the Purpose of Bonding with My Adopted Child?

There is no provision in the law or regulation to permit the use of sick leave by birth parents or adoptive parents who choose to be absent from work to bond with a birth or adopted child.

However, you may use sick leave if required by the court or adoption agency to take time off from work to care for the newly adopted child.

Is the Amount of Sick Leave I May Use For Adoption-Related Purposes Limited to 13 Days As It is For Other Family Care Purposes?

No. The amount of sick leave taken for adoption-related activities is not limited to 13 days and does not count towards the annual 13-day limit under the Family-Friendly Leave Act.

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