Valentine's Day (Remix)

Hundreds of years of unoriginal cards, flowers, and bad chocolate has left Valentine’s Day a bit stale. It’s cliché to “tell that special someone,” and just as cliché to be bitter, as the whole world turns a cheeky shade of Pepto-Bismol. Two days before we’re all depressed and panicked, realizing how unexciting, unromantic, and boring we are the rest of the year. Three days after, the Godiva boxes have emptied themselves into our waistlines, and we’re all looking at vases of wilted cash.

So, let’s do Valentine’s Day the 2008 way. Check out these pieces highlighting the many different ways we look at the holiday…even if you’re one of the bitter ones.

  • “Don’t Just Give Things to Your Valentine…Surprise Them and Please Be Original”

  • “Valentine’s Day: Revised”

  • “Get Over your Ex Before Your Next”

  • " Why I Don’t Care About Valentine’s Day"


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