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A security clearance is a government authorization for you to view classified information as your job requires. They are often essential to landing a job with a government contractor or federal agency handling sensitive information.
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Security Clearance Information and News

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    How to Obtain a Security Clearance

    How to Obtain a Security Clearance
    Suppose you've come across an hourly job that looks like a great fit. There's just one small matter: The position requires a US security clearance, and you don't have one. You may think that you can just apply for the clearance and in no time the job will be yours, but the process isn't quite that simple. You cannot obtain a ...
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    Looking for a Homeland Security Job? Be Patient

    Looking for a Homeland Security Job? Be Patient
    The US may be pouring billions into homeland security, including funds to target cyberterrorism, but these outlays don't necessarily translate into easy pickings for information technology professionals seeking work in this sector. Those with security clearances and expertise in a security niche, such as encryption or biometrics, have an edge in seeking employment on homeland-security projects. But even for those with ...
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    Federal Intelligence Careers: Collection

    Individuals working in Intelligence Collection have very unique careers indeed. They work with intelligence analysts to determine the vital information needed to produce finished intelligence. There are six basic intelligence sources or collection disciplines (i.e., SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT, HUMINT, OSINT, and Geospatial Intelligence). Intelligence Collection personnel use technical and human resources to obtain that information. The important issues are diverse and ...
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    Find a Career With the U.S. Border Patrol

    Find a Career With the U.S. Border Patrol
    The US Border Patrol offers a fast-paced, challenging law enforcement career in which fluency in Spanish is a definite advantage. Now part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Border Patrol is responsible for patrolling all 6,000 miles of the US land borders and 2,000 miles of coast around Florida and Puerto Rico. Its greatest focus, however, is on the border ...
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