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A security clearance is a government authorization for you to view classified information as your job requires. They are often essential to landing a job with a government contractor or federal agency handling sensitive information.
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Security Clearance Information and News

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    Information Technology Specialist (Security)

    These Information Technology Specialists work on the cutting edge of information technology security. In this occupation you may supervise, lead or perform duties that pertain to planning, developing, implementing, and maintaining programs, polices, and procedures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of systems, networks, and data. Agency Office of the Secretary of the Navy Salary Range $28,862 - $152,670 (salary depends ...
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    Intelligence Research/Operations Specialist

    In this occupation you may supervise, lead or perform a variety of duties concerned with the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of information. This information covers the political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific, or military trends or conditions in foreign or domestic areas that affect national security. You may also conduct briefings for policy and decision-makers or debrief returning ...
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    Don't Let Your Security Clearance Expire

    Don't Let Your Security Clearance Expire
    Eventually, the time comes for many of us to evaluate the marketability of the skills, qualifications, and experiences we have gained through government service. We hope a prospective employer will appreciate our proven leadership abilities, sharp intellect, and valuable training - fortunately, many do. One of the most valuable, and perpetually underestimated, qualifications that many of us bring to the table ...
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    3 Levels of Security Clearance

    3 Levels of Security Clearance
    h3. Classification Levels National security information that requires protection against unauthorized disclosure are classified at one of the following three levels.    Top Secret Clearance Top Secret is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. This level needs to be reinvestigated every 5 years. [widget:security_clearance] Secret ...
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