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A security clearance is a government authorization for you to view classified information as your job requires. They are often essential to landing a job with a government contractor or federal agency handling sensitive information.
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Security Clearance Information and News

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    Don't Let Your Security Clearance Expire

    Don't Let Your Security Clearance Expire
    Eventually, the time comes for many of us to evaluate the marketability of the skills, qualifications, and experiences we have gained through government service. We hope a prospective employer will appreciate our proven leadership abilities, sharp intellect, and valuable training - fortunately, many do. One of the most valuable, and perpetually underestimated, qualifications that many of us bring to the table ...
    Published over 5 years ago | Rated: +7
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    How to Obtain a Security Clearance

    How to Obtain a Security Clearance
    Suppose you've come across an hourly job that looks like a great fit. There's just one small matter: The position requires a US security clearance, and you don't have one. You may think that you can just apply for the clearance and in no time the job will be yours, but the process isn't quite that simple. You cannot obtain a ...
    Published almost 6 years ago | Rated: +18
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    A Day In The Life Of: Transportation Security Inspectors (TSI)

    A Day In The Life Of: Transportation Security Inspectors (TSI)
    In an effort to explain the many different positions we have in the field, I've asked a Transportation Security Inspector (TSI) from Cincinnati to talk a little about his position. Jim is from the Aviation side of Inspections, so keep in mind that TSA has a cadre of inspectors in the field. We’ll highlight their jobs in the future as well. ...
    Published about 5 years ago | Rated: +4
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    Am I Eligible for Security Clearance?

    Introduction The following guidelines are established for all individuals who require access to classified information. They apply to persons being considered for initial or continued eligibility, and are used by government departments and agencies in all final clearance determinations. Investigative Process The determination of whether the granting or continuing of eligibility for a security clearance is based upon careful consideration of ...
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