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Counterterrorism Analyst

United States Intelligence Community

October 30, 2007

Counterterrorism Analysts perform and lead the performance of all-source analysis of terrorist groups’ activities and actions against U.S. (specifically DoD) interests. They assess developments related to terrorism worldwide, and support U.S. policymakers by monitoring and assessing the leadership, motivations, plans, and intentions of foreign terrorist groups and their state and nonstate sponsors. In addition, Counterterrorism Analysts provide current and longer-term intelligence products; brief key U.S. policymakers; may provide tactical analytical support to law enforcement and intelligence operations; and provide intelligence collection recommendations in support of contingency and operational planning.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Counterterrorism Analysts typically possess knowledge of geography, English, history and archeology, and philosophy and theology. For some agencies, foreign language skills are also helpful. General skill areas include speaking, critical thinking, active learning, social perceptiveness, reading comprehension, writing, and complex problem solving. For more detailed information on skill and knowledge requirements, please check the job vacancy announcements posted on Community members’ websites.

Required Education, Licenses, and Certifications

Intelligence Community agencies typically prefer applicants for Counterterrorism Analyst positions to have a Bachelor’s or more advanced degree in international affairs, national security studies, or related subjects.

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