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Learn More About Federal Security Jobs

Learn More About Federal Security Jobs

Jonathan Zuk / GovCentral Contributor

October 25, 2007

Federal security and protection careers include a wide variety of specific positions. These include: security specialists, park rangers, environmental protection specialists, information security specialists, and security guards. Many of the open positions are at defense and homeland security related agencies.

Qualifications and Salaries

Security Specialists: There are usually no specific educational/skill requirements, but applicants must have at least one-year of specialized experience that is equivalent to the next lowest GS grade level. Many security specialist positions are considered “special-sensitive” meaning that prospective employees must undergo a background investigation for a TOP SECRET/SCI clearance. Entry-level applicants usually start out at nearly all GS salary grades depending on the applicants previous work experience.

Advance Your Career
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Park Rangers: These positions are usually with the National Park Service and require applicants to have some additional background education in natural resource management, natural sciences, earth sciences, history, archeology, park and recreation management, law enforcement/police science, social sciences, museum sciences, business administration, public administration, behavioral sciences, sociology or closely related subjects pertinent to the management and protection of natural and cultural resources. Park ranger positions usually start out at GS-5 or GS-7 grade, or $35-40,000 per year.

Environmental Protection Specialists: These jobs usually involve Hazmat protection, and start at the GS-5 grade, or $30,000 annually. Applicants are required to have at least three years of related federal work experience or a four-year degree in any major.

Information Security Specialists: These specialists must possess experience in safeguards and security programs with particular emphasis on personnel and information security programs. They usually start at a higher GS grade and earn upwards of $100,000 per year.

Security Guards: Many of these positions are at federal cultural institutions, such as the Smithsonian Institute or at military installments. They usually start at GS-5 grade, requiring at least one year at the next lowest grade or specialized experience with a federal, State, municipal, local, or private protective organization. Entry-level positions at cultural institutions usually pay less than those at military installations, but most starting salaries are between $30-37,000 per year.

Top Hiring Agencies

The Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security are currently posting the most vacancies for security and protection positions. The Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy are also posting several vacancies. Among smaller sub-agencies. the Army Medical Command, the Army Installation Management Agency, and the Smithsonian Institution are showing the strongest growth.

Latest Federal Vacancies

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