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Am I Eligible for Security Clearance?

August 18, 2008

The following guidelines are established for all individuals who require access to classified information. They apply to persons being considered for initial or continued eligibility, and are used by government departments and agencies in all final clearance determinations.

Investigative Process
The determination of whether the granting or continuing of eligibility for a security clearance is based upon careful consideration of the following:

• Guideline A: Allegiance to the U.S.
• Guideline B: Foreign influence
• Guideline C: Foreign preference
• Guideline D: Sexual behavior
• Guideline E: Personal conduct
• Guideline F: Financial considerations
• Guideline G: Alcohol consumption
• Guideline H: Drug involvement
• Guideline I: Emotional, Mental, and Personality Disorders
• Guideline J: Criminal conduct
• Guideline K: Security violations
• Guideline L: Outside activities
• Guideline M: Misuse of information technology systems

When information of security concern becomes known about a person who is currently seeking security clearance, the investigator will consider several factors in determining if clearance should be granted or denied. These factors include:

• The person voluntarily reported the adverse information
• Was truthful and complete in responding to questions
• Sought assistance and followed professional guidance, where appropriate
• Resolved or appears likely to favorably resolve the security concern
• Has demonstrated positive changes in behavior and employment
• Should have his or her access temporarily suspended pending final adjudication of the information.

After evaluating information of security concern, the investigator decides whether security clearance will be granted or denied. It may be appropriate to recommend approval with a warning that future incidents of a similar nature may result in revocation of access.

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