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5 Steps to Gaining a Security Clearance

5 Steps to Gaining a Security Clearance

Kyle Stone |

August 18, 2008

Step 2: Submit the Form 86

You will need to complete the appropriate security questionnaire, which is usually Standard Form 86. It is essential that job candidates complete the questionnaire and other required forms thoroughly, honestly, and with candor. The hiring office will submit the completed questionnaire to the DS’s Office of Personnel Security and Suitability, which will contact you in case there are any questions about your forms.

If you have already earned one level of security clearance in a past position, but must move up to a higher level, consider mentioning that you are “Eligible for US Security Clearances” on your resume. This will mean to the hiring agency that you have no prior drug record or felonies which could incriminate you, and may expedite the processing of your application.

Once your forms have been received, National agency record checks will be conducted, and your fingerprints will be scanned and checked. Your information will be entered into a case management system, and a background check on this information will be conducted by a case investigator.

As a general tip, make sure that your answers regarding addresses, previous employment, and visits to other countries remains consistent throughout the process of your application. Always keep copies of your paperwork to use as a reference guide.

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