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5 Steps to Gaining a Security Clearance

5 Steps to Gaining a Security Clearance

Kyle Stone |

August 18, 2008

A security clearance is often essential to landing a job with government contractors or federal agencies who handle sensitive information. Since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and a huge demand for internet security work, there has never been a greater demand for employees to work on classified programs. Therefore, qualified job seekers will find that they have a tremendous advantage over non-cleared candidates; they will benefit by receiving a salary premium.

Security clearances are special statuses assigned to people as a method of trusting them access to sensitive, classified, and confidential information.

Receiving a United States Security Clearance requires applicants to clear a formal vetting procedure; are you ready to gain your security clearance, and enter the highest tier of government job searchers? Or, if you already have clearance from a previous job or military position, do you know how you can ensure that you retain your clearance? We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Step 1: Find Jobs Requiring Security Clearance

Step 2: Submit the Form 86

Step 3: Interview and Investigation

Step 4: Ensure Your Own Eligibility

Step 5: Clearance Granted

Already Cleared? Learn How to Retain Your Clearance

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