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Insider's Guide to Homeland Security Jobs

Insider's Guide to Homeland Security Jobs

Kyle Stone |

August 10, 2008

With a $44.9 Billion dollar annual budget and over 200,000 employees in the Department of Homeland Security alone, homeland security careers are some of the most stable, fastest growing, and most rewarding jobs available today.

There’s only one thing growing faster than homeland security job offers – and that’s job seekers who want careers in homeland security. In fact, in every job profile and industry breakdown we’ve run on GovCentral in the past two months has revealed that more GC members visit homeland security articles and DHS agency profiles than any other career field or agency profile – by a three to one ratio!

What does this mean for you? It means there’s a lot of job opportunity, but an equal amount of competition. This article intends to reveal insider’s information the homeland security career field, and to direct you towards the career advice you need to land the job you’re looking for.

1. How to Apply to Homeland Security Positions
2. Career Profile
3. Which Agencies Are Hiring in Homeland Security?
4. How Can I Learn More?

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