Gov Gear: 48 hours to Hammelburg: Patton's Secret Mission


48 hours to Hammelburg: Patton's Secret Mission

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A detailed account of the secret mission to rescue Patton's POW Son-in-Law.

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    scotsmanj, Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:31:29 UTC.
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    Patton's son-in-law was a young American Officer who was captured by units from the German Africa Corps during the Battle at the Kaserine Pass. He would later arrive to a German POW camp near Hammelburg. In the closing months of the war, Patton received intelligence reports indicating that his son in law maybe one of the prisoners in the Hammelburg compound. Patton pulls armored and reccon units from his Army to create "Task Force Baum". Limited firepower, men, and ammunition, the Task Force sprinted across 60 miles of enemy controlled land to arrive at the compound. The German Army fearing a major advance by Patton quickly pulled additional Army and Waffen SS troops to check the Americans. This book gives a minute by minute account of that mission. Well written and imense amount of research which will keep the reader interested and informed.

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