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Fed Stimulus Plan Funded over 11.5K MA Jobs in Q1

Boston Globe via YellowBrix

May 03, 2010

BOSTON – Federal stimulus funds directly funded 11,692 jobs in Massachusetts during the first three months of the year, according to newly released federal data.

That’s up from 9,474 jobs in the fourth quarter of last year, indicating some additional stimulus projects in Massachusetts have started ramping up hiring. Nationally, the government says 682,779 jobs were directly funded by the awards in the first quarter, according to the data from the US Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

Still, most of the money earmarked for Massachusetts has not yet reached the state. Of the $5.2 billion in grants, contracts and loans awarded to Massachusetts organizations, only $1.4 billion has actually been received and spent so far. That’s partly because the stimulus money is intended to be spent over several years and partly because it has taken time to get new projects off the ground.

By far the largest recipient has been Massachusetts and other state agencies. For instance, the University of Massachusetts alone received $246 million and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority received $145.6 million.

Overall, the state reported that it has spent $871 million on programs and infrastructure projects through state agencies so far (plus another $2.3 billion on unemployment insurance and other benefits not included in the federal totals.)

But many cities and towns have also received significant funding. The city of Boston received $114.7 million (not including the Boston Housing Authority which received another $73.5 million) and Worcester received $61.7 million.

And many local private universities, hospitals, charities, and companies have also received significant awards. Harvard University topped the list with $145.6 million, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with $99.4 million and Community Builders Inc., a Boston group that calls itself the largest nonprofit urban housing developer in the country, with $78.6 million.

The Globe reported last year that many of the job numbers were inflated or contained errors. The government said it has been working with recipients to fill out the forms correctly, though critics say the job numbers remain inexact.

The federal data are posted online at The administration of Governor Deval Patrick has posted additional data on stimulus money flowing through state agencies Here

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