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Feds, Retailers Flooded With Job Applications

Feds, Retailers Flooded With Job Applications

Hiring managers say they are looking for employees who are flexible. (istockphoto)

Kristi King |

November 17, 2009

WASHINGTON – From federal government clerk positions to grocery store cashiers, the competition for jobs is phenomenal. Applications for all types of positions are flooding in.

“We are pretty much overwhelmed with the number of applications that we are receiving for every job posting,” says Deputy Associate Director of the Center for Talent and Capacity Policy at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Angela Bailey.

Federal positions that usually would garner 25 resumes now sometimes receive up to 400, Bailey says. Two office positions at the Board of Immigration Appeals recently received 300 applications.

“It’s no longer one of those things where people are honing in on specific salary levels. Right now, it just if I can get a job, that’s good enough,” she says.

Applicants with lots of experience are applying for entry-level positions, says Bailey at OPM.

“They are willing to come in more so at the entry level and almost start over all over again just with the idea of being able to get their foot in the door,” she says.

Retailers also are seeing a lot of interest from job applicants.

“For every new job opening that we’ve advertised, we’re seeing 10 times the number of applicants from even a year ago,” says Jamie Miller, spokesman for Giant Food.

So what can help you stand apart?

Experience and education level help applicants stand out, Bailey says. Community service and outside activities not just directly tied to experience and education can put an applicant ahead of others, she says.

It helps to be flexible.

“I think the more mobile someone is, the more opportunity they might actually have for landing a federal job,” Bailey says.

She says the opportunity may not necessarily be in your hometown.

“It might be in Japan or Guam or Seattle or Jacksonville, Fla.”

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