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The Times Are a-Changin' for Postal Service

The Times Are a-Changin' for Postal Service

(By Haraz N. Ghanbari -- Associated Press) Postmaster General John Potter at the National Press Club on Thursday.

The U.S. Postal Service lost billions of dollars in revenue during the last fiscal year as the volume of mail plunged. Lawmakers may one day soon consider cutting mail delivery to five days a week. They also may need to sort out how the Postal Service pays for the benefits of current and future retirees.

But most customers only care about one thing: The fate of their neighborhood post office.

On Friday the Postal Service must turn over an updated list to the Postal Regulatory...

  • Facebook_app_max50


    over 5 years ago


    I must say as having been a USPS employee, the majority of Postal employees definitely earn their pay. My concern about the loss of money, however, annoys me when not one headliner addresses the BONUSES the Postal Managers receive annually in addition to their salaries. The wagon is headed to close some of the POs, but no one is mentioning stopping the bonus CHECKS management receives. This would minimize the shortfall tremendously. When stamps are purchased, we are purchasing services as well. It was the stamps that got those POs open, it shouldnt be BONUSES that closes them.

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