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Search Is On for Best Cost-Cutting Ideas

Search Is On for Best Cost-Cutting Ideas

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Who better to save taxpayers money than the federal employees who know how it’s spent?

This is the guiding principle of a White House contest being launched Wednesday to seek the best ideas on how to reduce government spending.

Confronted with a staggering federal deficit, the White House is inviting employees across the federal sector to submit suggestions on how to cut waste and make government more efficient. A Web site,, has been established to receive the ideas.

There is no monetary award for the winning entry. The winner will, however, present the suggestion in person to President Obama. Moreover, the idea will be immortalized by its inclusion in the fiscal 2011 budget.

“There’s nothing like a contest to motivate people,” Jeffrey Zients, deputy director for management and chief performance officer for the Office of Management and Budget, said Tuesday.

“Who better to help us to reduce spending than those of you on the front lines of the federal government each and every day?” OMB Director Peter Orszag asks in a video message on the Web site, urging workers to submit their ideas.

Those with suggestions must act fast. The deadline is Oct. 14, and the winner will be announced in November.

  • Dsc00017_max50


    over 5 years ago


    Stop bailing out states that can not balance their own budget. Give less money to agencies incapable of staying within their own budget. Give more money/award agencies that can cut costs. Allow agencies to bank roll unused funds to the next year without any future penalties or cutting there budget. Allowing agencies to save for rainy/lean years where funds are not available. No more wasting unused money at end of fiscal year. Force individual states to create more of their own revenue relying less on government subsidizes. Create term limits for congress (8 years max like the presidency). Force all policies/bills to be available to public review for 6-months before voting on them. Require members of congress to post what they voted for and against and which ones were not present. This info must be posted in local paper, internet, and radio station. Replace members of congress with members from the work force. New members of congress would be selected randomly like they do for jury selection. No more money would be required for campaign financing, lobbyiest would start disappearing, and footbal games would not be interrupted with the same old promises were heard from the previous 20 years. No more pork barrel spending. No more hidding pork barrel spending in bills. Each bill must be voted on seperately, no combining bills with other bills. Approve line item veto. No more free rides/money for illegal aliens. No more free rides/money for people refusing to work. I can go on with this idealistic view but in short we all know what needs to be done. I recommend voting them all out of office and starting over. Congress tends to do less damage to the country when they don't know what they are doing.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    huge programs that reward people for recycling which helps cut costs on materials and more workshops (this would have to coincide with subsidized housing though)

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