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Government Scandal Wrap-Up Summer 2009

The GovCentral Humor Squad

September 17, 2009

John Ensign Could Have Been a Contender

Why is it that white male politicians seem to corner the market on cheating on their wives while espousing family values? Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) is another example of thinking with out consulting his brain. Ensign had an affair with a former campaign staffer by the name of Cynthia Hampton. His parent’s decided to offer a bribe to keep quiet to the tune of $96,000. Many people say that this ruins Ensign’s chances of running for President in 2012. Other people say: “Ensign was a contender?!?!”

Score: 4

Sex and Money always go well, but the Sanford chronicles was a brighter, shinier object.

Is this Kosher? Rabbis, Mayors Charged for Corruption in New Jersey

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