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Alexander Delgado

Sacramento, CA
Government | Local
Seeking a Government Job

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January 08
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June 10
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I Want a Government Job Preferably President

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Films, Traveling, Cycling, Aviation
Favorite Movies:
Wow where do I start? I think my favorite movies are definitely the ones my friends and I made when we were in high school. We watch them sometimes and still get a good laugh at how lame we were. As far as hollywood movies... way too many.
Favorite TV Shows:
Family Guy is the greatest show on earth. Followed by The Simpsons, House, Nip Tuck, Seinfeld, Colbert Report, South Park, and Friends, in no particular order.
Favorite Music:
I'll listen to anything that sounds good. I think my taste in music varies on the mood im in or what I'm doing. I'm not a fan of country, though. I just can't like it. I tried, but oh gosh I just can't, it's not my on my list, sorry country fans.

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