Tags for Donna Ives

hard working insightful energetic confident sweet Insightful Thoughtful Salute organized politically informed intelligent smart well traveled Friendly Nice understanding helpful successful Attentive politically savvy Realy cool Bright open minded well rounded warm welcoming well versed beautiful down to earth steadfast courteous Spiritual Blessed Faithful dependable Harmonious peaceful Super Friendly Cordial very helpful when asked for help responsive caring DELIGHTFULL provider soulful Great personality Unafraid to be unafraid spontaneous serene Kind DONNA THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WARM GREETING I AM ALSO SPIRITUALLY SEEKIING SERVING GOD AS WELL AS MY FELLOW MAN WOMANWE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO GIVE AS WELL AS LEARN CONTINUED BLESSINGS compassionate LEADER Willing to help others welcoming caring respectful helpful receptive Wise Inspires Others Knowledge of Self productive Helpful Devoted Observant Nurturer Astounding outgoing patient neat funny easy going Let continue to pray for one another delightful sentimentalist God Bless The world is amazing Thank you The BOMB A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT Cool SIS Nice to meet you as well Shes A Winner hilarious amazing friend Bless YouJorge You are blessed polite generous FUN Inspiring Shepherd very helpful even when not asked You Are A Supper Women you are a special person that startede communicating immediately offering help and information instantly True friend all Keep the faith You have the ability to judge good characteristics of others Thanks Beloved sister angel donna you seem to be filled with the spirit I volunteered by mentoring and tutoring kids at the boys and girls club A very nice lady You have a Big Heart A wonderful woman projects deep perception with it you have a heart of gold donna is my spiritual counselor a gift from heaven Good Morning Hope you have a great wk Just like the person ou are TTYL What more could I add to all of this except you are WONDERFUL NUTTY FOR YOU MAAM very caring person wonderful friend sincere Strong grounded positive Hi There a super friend AN ANGEL IN DISQUISE MY VERY DEAREST FRIEND I LOVE YOU MUCH always very friendly and helpful very spiritual women with beauty that comes from the inside out uplifting I think you are the reason i went to iraq without knowing you AWESOME FRIEND always around Truly UpBuilding Enlightening Lil Lady GR8 Friend hope all is well Genuinely nice sweet and very caring very knowledgeable willing to teach others great listner a big sister with lots to give awesome sister tremendous friend a very respected person great motivator very caring understanding and always willing to listen understanding and willing to listen enjoys having a good laugh great person very inspiring very intellecturial always willing to meet new people a go getter and very inventive very humorous jokester always enthusiatic nothing gets past you You are a great friend relentlessly positive a cold weather person and enjoys it enjoys the winter and fall fall person always encourageous others to do their best encourageous other to do their best strong motivator totally awesome always keeps going optimistic always cheerful YOU MISSED An inspiration for us all Intelligent and would be a dedicated hardworking employee which is why the Federal Government should hire her gives praise when it is needed honest person gives you a boost when you need it family oriented caring person Warm Open Spirit astonishing person very giving great influence on people brilliant always has a great statement A True Blessing constantly on the go positive person a person who is very truthful always has a great positive attitude at times a smart alleck for fun always has something good to say likes to have fun with people and make them think peacegiver words can not express the inspiration I get from your insite and prayers thank you and God bless wow A fighter An inspiration and someone I am truly blessed to know True Friend and wonderful caring person Wonderful caring person Looking forward to hearing from you again NOBEL PRIZE WORTHY and a champion positive tag receiver a very sensitive and caring individual sensitive loving person exceptional friend Very Nice to meet you Donna a trully caring person SUPPORTIVE very inspirational person and friend Receives in without asking OPEN HEARTED Always make you say awww how sweet a very sincere and queen to her husband and friends she knows how to talk and treat people Certainly one of the major pillars of GovCentral raison de vivre Coolest A Great Lady Insightful and well read Insightful and very well informed Missing you Friend you are missed always care about her friends new and old passionate always has an open hear to listen to your problems You have a heart of gold and I and the Lord knows it Delightful candid and a pillar of inpiration WELCOMING The Best Person Ever Known I am blessed to cross paths with you Considerate of others Gratitude must be shared for the positive welcome always a pleasure enjoyable and very tremendous talking to a tremdous friend sister who has always been there very dependable loyal always welcomes a friend as a brother or sister and makes them feel like family charming