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Am I Ready to Apply for Government Jobs? taken almost 8 years ago

My resume is superb.


Do You Know US Gov't History? taken almost 9 years ago

History Expert


Federal Matchmaker: Which Department Is Right for You? taken about 8 years ago

Homeland Security Candidate

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Susan Wrigley

Lansing, KS
Government | Federal
Seeking a Government Job

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February 06
mrs_wrigley uploaded the photo: "02-05-09_1242".

The current me.

February 03
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February 02
mrs_wrigley commented on: "Am I Ready to Apply for Government Jobs?".

"Thanks, that was the best resume quiz I've taken so far!!!"

mrs_wrigley received the quiz result of "My resume is superb.".
January 24
mrs_wrigley posted in: "Why are our public schools so behind the learning curve o...".

 This is my biggest gripe about our education system:
You remember the phrase: "Those who can't do, teach" ?...Well, I believe it to be true in th...

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Films, Traveling, Reading, Riding my Shovelhead Harley on the open road with my husband
Favorite Movies:
300, No Country for Old Men, Snatch, The Wrestler,Wanted,King Arthur(Clive Owen), The World's Fastest Indian, Enter The Dragon, Be Cool
Favorite TV Shows:
Survivorman, Anthony Bourdain's " No Reservations", Ancient Discoveries, Pinks All Out, Cash Cab
Favorite Music:
Blues, and Jazz along with bits of rock and some metal!

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  • mrs_wrigley

    about 8 years ago


    > I used to struggle with not fitting in with the "girlfriends". I was never interested in fashion, gossip, or the lives of the rich and famous. I have always been able to relate to just about anybody, however. I feel lost if I don't have anyone to care for, or to teach, or to learn from or even to just listen to. Losing my son has given me a more somber view of how the real heroes in our lives aren't given the status, pay, or even the benefits that they so richly deserve. Those who choose to serve, those who come to our aid when we are in trouble, those who take on the worst offenders of our laws, and those who give up the best jobs to make sure that our children don't go out into the world without a proper education....Salute.

    > I love the America we live in, with the bravest people in the world who come from every corner of it with little or nothing but the clothes on their backs to make a better life for their families.
    > I never take my freedom for granted or forget the sacrifices that my family has endured to keep us free. I tend to be a very serious person most of the time for just that reason.

  • 081_81_1__max50


    about 8 years ago


    Being yourself is important and will get you further than not. I agree with you that when you have numbers of people that you will find help. Thank you for the tags and the gift. It's very kind of you.

  • 081_81_1__max50


    about 8 years ago


    Susan, Welcome to our ever-growing family!