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Overton, TX
Government | Federal
Seeking a Government Job

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July 21
jwt commented on: "Lose the Cubicle: GovCentral's Best Outdoor Careers".

"funny how all these jobs are out there and you cannot seem to even get a reply from them."

May 26
jwt commented on: "Federal Human Resources Careers".

"yea would think that someone with 16 years of working as a human resource generalist and union steward for steelworkers of america would be able to..."

May 08
jwt commented on: "Holder says terrorists won't be freed into U.S.".

"proably wouldn't be a wise thing to do because then instead of getting water dumped on their heads they find bullets chasing them down the road."

jwt commented on: "Pentagon to Create 20,000 Jobs to Manage Arms Buys".

"might be making that many jobs sounds good but may just hire 300 haven't seen very much out of any of his promise's. i'm handicapped and they say t..."

March 26
jwt gave a thumbs up to The Photo "MsKia2.jpg".

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Traveling, Fishing
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  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 8 years ago


    jobs are hard to come by and everytime i fill one out for a goverment job it comes back not qualified. what do they want. just because i don't have a degree, i have on the job experience for 16 years and i can all most promise you that their people will never fight the fights that i had to in doing human relation jobs. maybe it was because of who i worked for which was a union is why they don't give me a look at. what's really bad about it is that i'm handicapped and they still want look, thought that was suppose to give you a little lift with these jobs but doesn't seem too. so guess theirs not much hope of ever landing a job like these.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 8 years ago


    i was hurt while at work in 2004 and had to take medical retirement in 2006. i have not been able to find anyone or any company that will give me a chance to go back to work. i have been used for interviews by companies just to say they interviewed a handicapped person. the handicap that i have is i had to have artifical disk replacement surgery and i'm limited to what i can lift and bend.