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Dennis Spencer

La Vernia, TX
Government | Federal

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January 07
cowboy35ram commented on: "FBI Job Fairs".

"see you Austin for the job fair"

December 17
cowboy35ram posted: "Brain Pan all areas. with cuts of one to two poeple per ...".

How would to creat a gap fill  an keep the flow up to par. with out missing a beat.
 Step the job you gave to others so that you would have more f...

cowboy35ram joined the group "The Pay Scale Group".

The Pay Scale Group

July 15
cowboy35ram commented on the article "Five Steps to Get a State or Local Government Job".

"New Braunfel's Is where I want to work for any of the careers so that I will be closer to my new home an save fuel cost to me! What can you do for ..."

June 03
cowboy35ram received the Quiz result of "Congrats! It's a match.".

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Traveling, Fishing, Hiking, Reading, Dance on roller skates/ enjoying life
Favorite Movies:
Not Import just enjoy them all that I watch
Favorite TV Shows:
Show I want to watch an enjoy
Favorite Music:
to many to write

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  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 9 years ago


    I am a self motivated person that wants an likes to be chaliange each an every day from every direction of thing's that others say they can not do I am a solatoinal finder a leader that can teach as well as do the jobs that are set forth in many areas. If I can vision it an I can find the path that can be taken to accomplish anything. I have had many years of college. in so many aeras. that it is just something that is already for me to have the abilities to does not matter if it crossing under a river, a side walk. hand scetioning, slide rules, communications, electronics, sales an marketing, repairs of anything. account management, people/ personnel. What ever is needed to make the cony that will have me to make profite world wide even. Hire me an I'll help us all make a large amount of profit an have fun doing it if all posible.