Tags for George Weiss

hard working smart confident energetic organized well traveled salute kind pleasant thoughtful dedicated reliable sincere caring brilliant Good friend fantastic wonderful loving funny great friend a brother trustworthy personable successful sweet nutty studious goal oriented makes a person comfortable great brother sees a need and fills it great potential likes to see people smile multitasker good conversationalist has a healthy dose of sillyness unafraid to ask questions memorable delightful knows how to be a friend very encouraging fantastic listener motivator I think we will become great friends Hope your having a great afternoon Very carring friend and a good listener and is a person who cares about peoples feelings leader friendly great person well rounded open romantic great attitude has a heart of gold and is very carring enjoys challenges Hope your having a great afternoon Go after what you want and you shall recieve it knowledgeable very nice always willing to learn something new fun courteous a gentleman receptive to new ideas bright family is important enjoys befriend people likes to help teaser likes to have fun and be a big part of it enjoys a good laugh intellectual shows interest in new ideas brings you right into the family great imagination always has something good to say makes you laugh enables others very inventive comedian great achiever dreamer a child at heart enjoys the winter and spring is a winter person likes to walks in the park and country well educated always seeking knowledge and wisdom very cool totally awesome outgoing compassionate understands what it means to be family deeply sincere a person people are naturally drawn to a very special person to those who know him a man filled with integrity Go after what you want and you shall recieve it Good Morning just want to say hope you have ag reat day and how did yesturday go with the interview TTYL genuine and sincere a true straight shooter wise honorable full of integrity insightful energizes people edifies people very cute dont seem bothered to help great atitude LOVES GOD WITH ALL HIS HEART MIND SOUL AND STRENGTH professional Thank you for being my friend Welcoming highest honor student Makes me smile goes with the flow of things always bettering himself he shows his heart so that all can see upright likes to roll with the punches tries to see the good in people sees the humerous side of things reveals the true person within others just by listening VERY CARING AND THOUGHTFUL HUMAN BEING intelligent A good listener very caring person a person you can depend on WONDERFUL FRIEND ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO TALK TO VERY ENCOURAGING VERY POLITE TRUE FRIEND enjoys the weather helpful TAG YOU R IT TAG YOU R IT You are very humble gentleman supportive and encouraging NOBEL PRIZE WORTHY knowledgeable tenacious an unusual combination of strong will and open minded compassion have good ideas encouraging thanks again A Successful Presence Winning Personality and Positive Attitude PROUD VETERAN Happy Belated Veterans Day Nice photo very appropriate a blessing to all who know him George you have a successful presence and I believe that going for what you want you can achieve it and hold on to your integrity Good Morning Hope you have a great day TTYL K A TRUE FRIEND I am very Lucky to have met him Fellow Veteran Personable Considerate The type of friend I would like to think my friends and family see me as Keeps Life Simple and Positive Earns Every Blessing A Selfless Leader A Grateful Superstar A Network Hero Showcases Passion Enthusiasm and a Willingness to Learn More Cheerful Caring a prince of a man sees the good in others is always looking to better himself Has always taken the first steps to approach understand and love others Now it is time for him to feel he is appreciated for himself loved unconditionally for what he represents and be proud of counseling his entourage GREAT FRIEND EASY TO TALK TO GREAT LISTENER a very positive attitude a great conversationalist resourceful innovative A very attractive person Honor to know you workaholic capable industrious positive attitude easy to chat with truthful wonderful personality Enjoy every single day of your life Have a Great Weekend Thank you for the encouragement Have a bless weekend enjoyable to have as a friend has a lot of potential great heart Considerate Friendly Caring Helpful and Supportive enjoys talking with his brothers and sisters has a great sense of family makes brother and sisters to those who are close to him warm and a beautiful soul enjoys teasing people likes to play tricks on people Always thoughful will have a good valentines day very sweet and thoughtful person clever but fun to talk to