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Which Federal Jobs Are Right for You? taken almost 7 years ago

You should work with Technology

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March 23
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March 21
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"I am ceb0894 would like to clarify to the comment that I "reaffirmed their view point that a federal employee once they pass the probation period i..."

ceb0894 commented on: "OPM Director Berry furious over federal pay editorial".

"I am ceb0894 would like to clarify to the comment that I "reaffirmed their view point that a federal employee once they pass the probation period i..."

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    almost 7 years ago


    I am ceb0894 would like to clarify to the comment that I "reaffirmed their view point that a federal employee once they pass the probation period it is impossible to let them go before retirement regardless of their performance because of the federal employment laws." as I said before if I was in a private sector 38 years ago I would have been fired more than once because of the unexpected problems, beyond my control that a private sector would not cared or had to allow me to stay. I am a hard worker regardless if, I worked in a private sector or for the federal government. Personally, I have never worked in my 38 years in a private sector so I do not know if they would have cared enough. It was not the federal laws that sustain me thru out my difficult times and still have a job and obtain several awards and promotions it is because of the Grace of God. Over the years in working with DOD and OPM agencies, I have seen many HARD Working FEDERAL EMPLOYEES who were underpaid for their sacrifices and dedications for the federal government service. It has not be a joke for me to be where I am in federal government because of the federal government laws it is because I earned it from working horded and dedication. My intent previously mentioned was to express gratitude and express how honor I am to be a federal government employee and lastly to APPLAUDED MR. BERRY FOR STANDING UP FOR THE FEDERAL EMPLOYEES! Haters of Federal Employee fail to realize the people they may have seen as lofters or taking advantage of the opportunity to work for the government because of federal government laws and that it is tough to get rid of them is one of the biggest Myths of all time. In this day of age of high time unemployment and competition of College graduate with PHD who are seeking employment with the government do you really think these people can continue to abuse the government system because they cannot be fired is one of the biggest fool to believe that. In my last 5 to 6 six years, I have been seeing more federal employees with five to over 20 years not forced to resign but actually fired. So trust and believe me I know and seen this for myself. The haters of federal employee also maybe getting upset because of the flexibility given to federal government employees has now than 38 years ago and think they are overpaid again do not realize that flexibility to an employee are the best method to get a job done. People are surprised to see the flexibility but do not look at the finish product. federal government now are harder to gain employment now than years ago because of the competition with college graduates with Master and PhD degrees seeking immediate employment and of course they are hired quicker than an average person. However, you asked those who have to start at the entry level with a degree are they overpaid whereas they could have made much more money in the private sector with their degree with a great dental plan that the federal government employee does not have compare to working in the private sector. Therefore, Haters give these hard federal government employees more respect than what you are doing now because in my 38 years with the government they deserve it and I witness for myself to including me. Overall government employees are hard workers and are making a lot of sacrifices and this is no cherry picking statement. Again my hats off to Mr. Berry for standing on his ground for the federal hard working employee! Thank you again Mr. Berry for understanding, believing in us and for given us the flexibility to trust us to complete the goal set before us.