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Maile (MY*Lay)

Mobile, AL
Seeking a Government Job


Films, Traveling, Cycling, Hiking, Reading
Favorite Movies:
hmmm... where to start???
Favorite TV Shows:
Dexter, Kath & Kim (Aussie version!), ... - recently, no time for TV (unless it's an NBA game or MotoGP race - then I can do homework while I watch), for anything else, I basically watch it on netflix or hulu if I have a break.
Favorite Music:
Indie, Acoustic, stuff from the UK...

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  • Hiking_trip_012_max50


    about 8 years ago

    Thanks for add!

    Happy New Year!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 8 years ago

    Was pleasently surprised to receive the Holiday greeting from you&yours. BRRRR tis dangerously cold here with 9 to 12 inch snow drifts , thankfully the Saturday rains are defrosting towards an nice week ahead but to be sure it is a long way away to warm weather.

  • 081_81_1__max50


    about 8 years ago

    Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. How are things?

  • Z1wocgqg_max50


    over 8 years ago

    how Are you ?
    Keep In Touch

  • William_seabrook_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Hi Blue. How are you?

  • Marengo_memorial_max50


    over 8 years ago

    was in the 30's tues, mid 60's yesterday, 40's and raining today and suppose to be back in the low 30's tommorrow...this is def crazy weather !

  • Patriotism_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Hey Maile! Sorry I didn't get back to the site since your wish for a happy Thanksgiving. It was and I truly hope that yours was as well. Now Christmas is upon us and I really want to wish you and yours the best!


  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 8 years ago

    thanks dear for wishing a great weekend/ same to u also...........! i am waiting to talk with u...ok

  • Very_nice_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Thank you for the wishes..... unfortunately I only saw your message today.
    I hope you had a blessed thanksgiving as well!

  • Marengo_memorial_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Hows it going?

  • 100_2175alt_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Did you drive to MO for Thanksgiving? Hope it went well. I know when I find a 'real' job I will enjoy these holidays more. Retail pretty much enslaves me this time of year! Happy holidays!

  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    over 8 years ago

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you too Maile! Aurora was great, and I hope your holiday was lots of fun.

  • P9200721_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Thanks Maile! Hope your Thanksgiving was great...only 24 more days until Christmas! :)

  • Samoan_friend_max50


    over 8 years ago

    Wishing you a delicious (lol, u know what i'm thinking about) and aloha-filled Thanksgiving Maile! And I hope you either (store) bought a dish to take or... your husband made it, otherwise, your brother can forget 'delicious' from his Thanksgiving meal, ROTFL! (ok, ok, you don't have to do a comeback on the cooking jokes 'cause u know no one's expecting me to bring anything "edible" to the dinner, LoL!).

    Eh, but Maile-girl, no foa get to um... da kine... tell me 'bout you guys.. da kine deenah...and den... k? K, den. Lata's! Oh, and no foa get to.. um.. wear sum ting wom ah? "Cause da bugga cole.. outside! No, foa real kine... I not kiddin. K, den, see you ah?!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 8 years ago

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving too. Drive safely to your destination and I will talk to ya sooner or later..