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Elkton, MD
Government | Federal

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July 30
SFCRaymondrThibault commented on: "FEMA's Fuzzy Chain of Command, Impedes its Mission, Obser...".

"I agree a Clear and Visible Chain of Command and Responsibility, AND Authority needs to be in Place. A good Logistics Coordinator, Multi Versed in;..."

SFCRaymondrThibault commented on: "OMB Moves to Cut Outside Contractors".

"Good Idea. Honest, Ethical and Patriotic Contractors are great and Good at their Jobs. What needs to be added is Laws, Punishments and Standards th..."

SFCRaymondrThibault commented on: "SPIN METER: 'Help Wanted' Counting Stimulus Jobs".

"I have an Idea. The Entire Congress quit. Go away. They have all they need. Then we hired intelligent average people like in 1776. Who; using God ..."

SFCRaymondrThibault commented on: "White House Still Has a Vacancy for a Lesser Czar".

"I Volunteer. I am a Retired Army Logistician, I can ferrett out anything and get what the President or anyone else needs to know. 22 Years Army, SF..."

June 05
SFCRaymondrThibault commented on: "Senior Executive Service (SES) Resume Writing".

"So applying for a Government Job is a Political Process.. Very good information here."

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