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Pinehurst, NC
Government | Federal

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August 28
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"Paul P. Endes
13 Meyer ct..
Pinehurst, N.C. 28374
Cell: (469) 371-8254

Objective: A&P Mechanic, lic. no. 2762886, (fixed or rotar..."

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Sailing, Traveling, Fishing, Hiking, Reading, running, swimming
Favorite Music:
Jim Brickman

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    about 6 years ago


    Paul P. Endes
    13 Meyer ct..
    Pinehurst, N.C. 28374
    Cell: (469) 371-8254

    Objective: A&P Mechanic, lic. no. 2762886, (fixed or rotary wing) or equivalent position commensurate with skills. Looking for position as A&P mechanic deployed. Retire U.S. Navy Reserves Oct 08. Have passport, secret security clearance.

    Qualifications: Military and civil aviation. A&P Mechanic. 16 + years military experience in aviation as a CH-47D Helicopter repairman, US Army, Jan 1984-Jul 2000. 2 years with Trans States Airlines Inc. as an Aircraft Mechanic, Oct 2000-Oct 2002 (dba US Airways Express, Delta Connection, TWE & American Eagle), various contracting jobs, scopes of maintenance, positions and airworthiness.

    U. S Army Helicopter Mechanic 1984-1995 USA & Overseas
    Preventive maintenance, maintenance and repairs. Inspections, line maintenance, time, on condition and special, heavy inspections (a.k.a. phased maintenance, B, C & D checks), intermediate maintenance. Aircrew experience on CH-47 C & D cargo Helicopters, reading schematics, troubleshooting, motoring engines, leadership positions of up to 25 maintenance personnel in peacetime and war. Key leader in numerous deployments to war and humanitarian relief operations. Inspect, maintain and repair GSE equipment. Consistently rated/promoted above my peers. Results-90 - 100% Operational Readiness Rates consistantly.
    Aircraft worked on:
    Military Model Engine Comparable Models
    CH-47 Chinook LycomingT55-L-11, Boeing Vertol 114, 347, CH-113,107
    UH-1 Huey LycomingT-53 Bell 204,205,212,214,412,CH-118,135,146
    UH-60 Blackhawk GE T700, 701 Sikorsky S-70
    OH-58 Kiowa Allison 250 Bell 206,406,407,408,427,TH-57,
    AH- 64 Apache GE T700
    AH-1, Cobra GE T700

    U. S. Army, Instructor 1995-2000, FT. Eustis, VA
    Teaching classes of 8-12 students in a structured classroom/hands on environment. Course work includes: Theory of operation, function and systems interaction, safety, general maintenance practices and procedures, hand and eye skill coordination, teamwork, team communication, training and mentoring of students and instructors, motivational and informative graduation speeches. Develop slides and computerized drawings for use in teaching, standardize training and slides, train other instructors by example, Quality Control inspections for students and other instructors. Results- some of the best trained US Army Aviation students!

    U.S. Army, Writer / Technical Writer/ Training developer 1995-2000, Ft. Eustis, VA
    Write lesson plans for self and others, technical writing, which I developed from self, books, schematics, drawings and other people. Maintain, inspect and repair Ground Support Equipment. Production Control.

    Trans States Airlines Inc. Aircraft Mechanic, Oct 2000-Oct 2002 Richmond VA
    Line, hangar and overhaul shop maintenance.
    Results- 90%+ Operational readiness rate continuously.
    Aircraft worked on: EMB145, Jetstream 41
    Fixed Wing
    Model Engine Comparable Models
    Embraer 145 RR/AE 3007A (FADEC), EMB 135,140,Legacy, P-99
    Jetstream 4100 Garrett TPE331 J-31,32,EMB 120

    Lockheed Martin/DS2, Sep -04- present, Ft Bragg, N.C., A&P Mechanic, Avionics Technician (OJT), minor sheetmetal.
    Aircraft Worked on:
    CH-47D & UH-60 Helicopters- Reset team performing up to avim level maintenance (at or beyond D check).
    Results- Quality, on time aircraft maintenance geared towards customer mission & satisfaction.

    Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services, Aircraft Mechanic, Apr 03-Jun03, Contract Work, Nashville TN
    A&P Mechanic
    Results- Quality, on time aircraft maintenance.
    Aircraft Worked on:
    ATR72, SAAB 340- A, B, C checks, Inspections, storage inspections.
    DASH8- Disassemble for parts and cut up.
    Embrear 145- C checks, unscheduled, interiors.

    AmeriFlight Dallas, Aircraft Mechanic, Aug03, Contract work, Addison TX
    A&P Mechanic
    Results-100% Operational Readiness Rate.
    Aircraft worked on:
    SA227 Metroliner- A, E (broken down A-D checks) checks, unscheduled maintenance.
    Beechcraft 1900 & 99- Unscheduled maintenance.
    P31 Chieftain- Unscheduled maintenance.

    Bell Helicopter, A&P Mechanic, Aircraft Assembler, Aug03-Sep 03, Contract work, Amarillo TX
    A&P Mechanic
    Results- Quality, on time Aircraft manufacturing.
    Aircraft worked on:
    V-22 Osprey- Engine nacelle buildup
    Note: New aircraft, working from engineering blueprints only.

    Spirit Aviation Services, A&P Mechanic, Oct 03 & Mar 04, Contract work, Fort Worth TX
    A&P Mechanic
    Aircraft worked on:
    MD80- C checks

    AAR, A&P Mechanic, Sheetmetal, Oct 03- Mar 04, Contract work, Oklahoma City OK
    A&P Mechanic
    Results- Quality, on time aircraft maintenance.
    Aircraft worked on:
    CRJ200- C check
    MD80- C checks (Heavy), sheetmetal
    B727- C checks
    ATR72- unscheduled maintenance
    RJ85 (BAE146)- line maintenance

    American Eurocopter, Senior Aircraft Technician, Apr 04-Jul 04, Grand Prarie, TX
    A&P Mechanic in Maintenance & Repair/ Flight Test
    Aircraft maintenance,AS350 conversions (BA to B2), flight testing, track & balance, new aircraft, interiors, troubleshoot, modifications, airworthiness directives, special bulletins, engineering orders, material review analysis, dailys (PMDs), interiors.
    Results-Quality on time aircraft always
    Aircraft worked on:
    AS350 (all models)
    EC 120
    EC 130
    EC 135
    EC 145
    EC 155/AS365
    BO 105

    Pemco World Air Services, A&P Mechanic, Jul 04- Sep 04, Dothan, AL
    A&P Mechanic
    Results: Quality, on time aircraft maintenance
    Aircraft worked on:
    DC-10 -C check, unscheduled maintenance
    B767 -D check
    B737- Line maintenance / unscheduled / troubleshooting
    DC-9- Unscheduled

    Other Aircraft:
    Piper PA32R- Annual insp., unsched.

    Systems worked on (but not limited to): Hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, engines (turboshaft, turbofan, turboprop, APU), transmissions and drivetrains, pneumatics, rotor systems, fuel systems, flight controls, structural, avionics/gauges and other systems as they relate to general maintenance.

    Civilian aviation training:
    1. Indoctrination to forms and records,
    a. Technical manuals,
    b. Illustrated parts lists,
    c. Troubleshooting, etc.
    2. Embraer 145 Line maintenance familiarization (32 hrs)
    a. Rolls Royce AE3007A Turbine Engine
    3. Jetstream 4100 Maintenance familiarization (40 hrs)
    a. TPE331 Turbo Prop Engine
    4. 'Hamilton Sunstrand' T62 Auxiliary Power Unit line maintenance (40 hrs)
    5. 'Honeywell' Avionics line maintenance familiarization (32 hrs)
    a. Primus 1000, Primus 660, TCAS and other avionics within the aircraft (glass cockpit).
    6. Pitot static testing equipment.
    7. Alaska Airlines GPM & MSG-3 (Maintenance Steering Group 3) training.
    8. V-22 Famaliarization.
    9. Hazmat.

    Other skills / experiences:
    1. Computer skills, 'Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, UNIX.
    2. Secret security clearance (F).
    3. Fluent in German.

    Course Work and Training:
    1. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL. Professional
    Aeronautics, 46 smh.
    2. ECPI College of Technology, Newport News, VA.
    Major: Information Technology/Networking, 18smh
    a. GPA 3.8, Dean's list and Perfect Attendance award
    b. Phi Theta Kappa (International Honor Society)
    3. Thomas Nelson College, Hampton, VA. Registered Nurse, 18 smh
    4. Fort Eustis, Newport News, VA.
    a. Instructor Training Course (120 hrs)
    b. Video Television Training - distance learning (40 hrs)
    NOTE: All transcripts, training certificates, documents and evaluation reports are available upon request.