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    almost 8 years ago

    "I am 42, just about to eclipse 22 years in the USAF as a Security Forces MSgt as of 2005. I have 20 years with Nuclear Security and know those prceedures quite well. I have many deployements and a recent one to Iraq as the unit Operations Superintendent. We did excellent through 13 different rocket attacks over our time and sustained many advancements in security our predicessors were unable to attend to and emplace. I have had many great and sad leaders and have taken from each what I hope to apply daily towards mentoring my troops/sgts and move forward into the future. I wanted to go 30 years and make Chief Master Sgt but feel this is not possible now. Moving into a Homeland Sec job or something to that angle does sound interesting. I have 10 years of tactics/leading/navigation/weapons competition at the world level and can outshoot 95% of my unit on any weapon just about however I have not been in that world of competition for 6 years. Still in my semiannual weapons qual shooting I have top scores every time. Pride thing to keep up on my skills, not to mention running and other PT type activities."