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Are You Eligible for a Security Clearance? taken over 6 years ago

You are probably eligible for a security clearance

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James Styles

Laguna Hills, CA
Government | Federal
Seeking a Government Job
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December 04
Jamestyles commented on: "Henry Williams".

Thank u for the meet and greet; looking at your summary of 23 years in the AF I am envious; I dropped out of the USAF and completed 14 years..."

Jamestyles commented on: "George Weiss".

"George, thank you for the encouragement; I will let you know how my search is progress next week...."

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    Summary: Jim is a hard working, very skilled in his field of work. I would work with him in any job assigned


Cycling, Hiking, Reading, Running
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Guitar Accompaniment & Instramentals

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  • Picture_017_max50


    about 6 years ago


    I will tell you where I my real benefit came with retirement in the military was the health care system. I suffer with bad migraines and my 30 day supply of medicine ran out but I'm able to go to a military facility for care and they will supply me with 30 days of medicine to take care of my migraines without any problems.

  • Dscn0205_max50


    about 6 years ago


    Hello James, nice to meet you, hope you are having a great weekend,

    If youwant to respond to someone that made a comment on your wall just click on that persons picture and it will take you to their page scroll down to their wall write something and then click submit and you are done. There is a lot of information and things to do here, like joining groups, discussion boards, making friends, taking quizzes etc, majority of these things can help you try to find that govt / fed job.
    If you have any questions just leave a message on the page where you retrieve your messages from or their comment wall and we will help you.
    I also see that you have been a member for awhile