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Pentagon's NSPS System Under Fire

Pentagon's NSPS System Under Fire

Chairman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) and Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz (D-Tex.) told Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates (pictured) the NSPS system has resulted in "widespread distrust and discontent within the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of dedicated DOD employees"

By Joe Davidson | Federal Diary, Washington Post

The Pentagon said the average rating for NSPS workers was 3.46 on a five-point scale. A “1” rating marks “unacceptable” performance and results in no pay increase. Almost 94 percent were rated three or four.

That, however, does not sway the widespread opposition to pay-for-performance.

Remember that this is a zero-sum game, because there is no additional money going to increase the overall rate of pay for Defense workers," Erwin added. “If the managers are getting these huge annual increases, there is not going to be much left for everyone else. We believe the rank-and-file Defense workers will see their pay stagnated considerably under NSPS.”

The Federal Retirement System

Last Friday, the Federal Diary said the Federal Employees Retirement System covers employees who joined the government after Dec. 31, 1986. That was based on an Office of Personnel Management statement that says: “Congress created the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) in 1986, and it became effective on January 1, 1987. Since that time, new Federal civilian employees who have retirement coverage are covered by FERS.”

That’s generally true, but since Uncle Sam can’t make anything simple, there are exceptions to that rule, as FERS employees whose employment started before that date have let me know. I don’t want them to feel left out of this conversation, so they are hereby recognized.

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