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10 Government Jobs That Pay Over 90K

10 Government Jobs That Pay Over 90K

Healthcare fields, science, and organization optimization are are high-demand.

Great benefits and national holidays off are a few of the many great perks of government work. High compensation, however, isn’t usually an association that comes to mind. You’d think you wouldn’t be able to earn as high of a salary as what you’d expect to earn in the private sector of corporate America.

Yet according to salary information on USA Jobs and the Office of Personnel Management, there are many lucrative and exciting jobs in the government.

In these profiles you’ll get an idea of which jobs and industries will pay you over $90,000/year – even during a recession! This article also contains useful information about how you can get an internship related to many jobs, which departments are hiring, and what level of education a typical hire has attained.


Air Traffic Controller

Transportation Specialist


Registered Nurses and Nurse Consultants

Public Health Advisor

Organizational Management and Support:

Facilities Management Operations

Human Resource Specialist

Research Manager

Tax or Financial Analyst



Technical Project Management

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