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Top Metros for Federal Government Jobs in 2008

Top Metros for Federal Government Jobs in 2008 - Last Update April 13, 2008

Have you ever wondered where the federal government is hiring most? Most new federal job seekers are surprised that nearly 80 percent of federal jobs are outside of the Washington DC area, and while the capital remains the top city for federal hiring, you may be surprised at the other top ten locales.

Below are the top ten locations for federal job postings (as of 04/13/08):

1) Washington, DC

Job Postings: 1,482,292 Trend: +70%

2) San Antonio, TX

Job Postings: 345,847 Trend: +55.9%

3) Atlanta, GA

Job Postings: 318,112 Trend: +48.6%

4) Philadelphia, PA

Job Postings: 190,608 Trend: +63.4%

5) New York, NY

Job Postings: 180,864 Trend: +58.2%

6) Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Job Postings: 178,087 Trend: +56.3%

7) Baltimore, MD

Job Postings: 174,661 Trend: +67.7%

8) Tampa, FL

Job Postings: 168,901 Trend: +65%

9) Chicago, IL

Job Postings: 167,126 Trend: +52.7%

10) Los Angeles

Job Postings: 148,534 Trend: +77.6%

Other Cities With Significant Federal Government Sectors

Boston, Buffalo, Denver, Houston, San Diego.

Source: U.S. Office of Personnel Management

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