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The 9 Fastest Growing Gov't Industries

The 9 Fastest Growing Gov't Industries

Kyle Stone | Associate Editor, GovCentral

Between 2006 and 2016, government employment is expected to grow by about 6.2 percent, generating about 2.2 million new jobs. This is good news for you – the more jobs to choose from, the better your chances of landing the one you want.

Yet as you may already know, many jobs which were traditionally organized under the federal government are becoming responsibilities of state and local governments. Will this affect your chance of getting hired by the federal government?

Not if you’re smart about it. As somebody interested in working for the federal government, you should keep up to speed on what the fastest growing federal industries are – and what jobs are in high demand.

Here are nine industries which have resisted the federal-to-local trend, and will continue to grow over the next decade.

9. Automotive

Number of Jobs: 227,000
Overall Growth of Sector 11%

8. Education

Number of Jobs: 100,030
Overall Growth of Sector 11%

7. Advanced Manufacturing

Number of Jobs: 9,000
Overall Growth of Sector 12%

6. Aerospace

Number of Jobs: 22,000
Overall Growth of Sector 13%

5. Energy

Number of Jobs: 19,000
Overall Growth of Sector 16%

4. Information Technology

Number of Jobs: 90,100
Overall Growth of Sector 16.5%

3. Biotechnology

Number of Jobs: 12,000
Overall Growth of Sector 18.3%

2. Health Care

Number of Jobs: 93,117
Overall Growth of Sector 26.8%

1. Homeland Security

Number of Jobs: 96,000
Overall Growth of Sector 42%

Information Compiled from and 2006-16 BLS Projections.

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