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NSPS Transition Planning Continues

NSPS Transition Planning Continues

NSPS Transition Planning Continues

National Security Personnel System

The Department of Defense announced that the majority of NSPS employees are scheduled to transition to non-NSPS personnel systems by September 30, 2010, more than a year earlier than required by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY 2010. This statute requires all employees to transition from NSPS by no later than January 1, 2012 with no loss of or decrease in pay upon conversion. Most employees will transition into the General Schedule (GS) personnel system.

Components and DoD organizations are in the final stages of determining their transition dates, and plans are being submitted to the NSPS Transition Office for approval. Employees will be notified of the transition date for their NSPS organizations once plans are approved.

NSPS Transition Office Director John H. James, Jr. is leading the transition effort: “We encourage organizations to share details of the transition with their workforce where appropriate. We will work to keep everyone informed as processes are solidified.”

The Department is aware that employees have many questions about the transition, particularly regarding job classification and pay. Some decisions have been made:

  • Classification specialists, or supervisors and managers with delegated classification authority, will determine an employee’s grade upon transition from NSPS based on the employee’s assigned duties and responsibilities. For example, if a position classifies as a GS-13 under the General Schedule, then the employee’s grade will be a GS-13 when he or she transitions to the GS system.
  • NSPS employees who are paid a salary that exceeds Step 10, the highest step of their pay grade under the GS system, will retain their pay upon transition.

Additional details are provided in a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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