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Transition out of NSPS begins

Transition out of NSPS begins

Dorothy Ramienski | Internet Editor | FederalNewsRadio

So, is NSPS truly dead?

Back in August, the Defense Business Board issued recommendations stating that the system should be restructured, not eliminated. Curry said, if nothing else, the recommendations will be used to develop best practices.

“They certainly highlighted some areas that they felt we could have done a better job at. We’re going to look at those areas for lessons learned. For example, they noted transparency and complexity in the paypool process. So, we’ll be very mindful of issues of complexity and transparency as we’re moving forward on developing any new rules; but one thing that I think they acknowledged that we did well was helping employees and supervisors better understand how their work supports and aligns with the department’s mission. That’s something that we can use and build upon the success of that and develop in a new performance management system.”

Curry said he is currently looking at issues that need to be resolved with NSPS. There are 220,000 employees under NSPS, and he noted it took three years to process all of those people into the system. He said this is why Congress has given NSPS officials up to two years to get everyone out.

He said, because NSPS is so complex, his first priority is to identify specific issues and areas that could pose a challenge and fix those in order to hopefully create a smooth transition for all.

“If you recall, we spiraled in organizations under NSPS for three years — and that was kind of based on whether the organizations were ready at that time to come into NSPS. That’s something that we’re looking at right now as to assessing how we should bring organizations out. . . . We certainly don’t have any schedule as far as when an organization will come out and who the first organization would be. Those are all issues that we’ve got to resolve right now.”

Curry said that there is already a group in place that will make recommendations to senior leaders at the Defense Department.

He said his goal is to get initial recommendations for leadership before the six month deadline.

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