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Transition out of NSPS begins

Transition out of NSPS begins

Dorothy Ramienski | Internet Editor | FederalNewsRadio

The controversial National Security Personnel System will be officially phased out now that President Obama has signed the Defense Authorization Act.

The pay-for-performance system currently covers more than 200,000 Defense civilians.

Tim Curry is the Acting Program Executive Officer of NSPS.

He recently took over after the departure of Brad Bunn and brings us an update on what his office is currently doing.

“What we’re looking at is trying to take the necessary time to ensure a smooth transition of employees and organizations out of NSPS as required by the law that was signed yesterday. . . . The law requires that we submit a plan to Congress within six months on how we’re going to reclassify jobs and convert employees out of NSPS.”

Curry said there is a guarantee in the law that ensures that employees’ pay will not be reduced after converting out of NSPS.

“We’ll be looking at those kind of issues as to what the proper classification of those jobs are, the personnel system they’ll be going back into. For most folks, that will be the General Schedule, but there certainly will be other personnel systems we’ll have to look at. . . . Not all the employees under NSPS came straight from the General Schedule.”

In addition to the repeal of NSPS, the Defense Authorization bill contains additional authorities that could affect feds leaving the system.

“It has a requirement for a performance management system — that we’d submit a plan to Congress in 12 months. There are requirements for hiring flexibilities [and that] plan would be submitted to Congress in 12 months. There [is also] the ability to go back to Congress in six months to seek additional personnel flexibilities. We’re certainly looking at those issues as well and trying to determine how we want to move forward.”

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