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NSPS Employees to Receive Full January 2010 GS Base Salary Increase

NSPS Employees to Receive Full January 2010 GS Base Salary Increase

National Security Personnel System

Each year, the Secretary of Defense authorizes an across the board annual pay adjustment for NSPS employees. The amount is based on the annual January General Schedule (GS) base salary increase. By law, NSPS employees rated above “unacceptable” or who do not have a rating of record receive at least 60 percent of the GS increase. The Secretary may allocate the other 40 percent to NSPS pay pools for performance-based salary increases.

For the performance cycle ending September 30, 2009, the Secretary of Defense has determined that NSPS employees, except for those rated “1 – Unacceptable,” will receive 100 percent of the GS base salary increase. No portion of the GS increase will be allocated to pay pool funds.

While the GS base salary increase will not be used for pay pool funding, pay pools will continue to have money available for performance-based salary increases and bonuses, preserving the link between pay and performance under NSPS.

The actual amount of the January increase will not be known until the President signs an Executive Order implementing the 2010 pay adjustment.

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  • Mason_max50


    about 5 years ago


    navyldo - NSPS is official dead with the signing of this years NDAA. The idea of most employee's being three's is exactly how a proper "employee system" should work. My paypool is about 67%, not sure how yours could be 90% - that does sound high. The previous system got too inflated where the majority of folks were firewalled to the high side, that doesn't work nor does it provide a realistic picture of differences to the mission the individual provides.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    This is another nail in the coffin of NSPS as we know it now. I currently work in an organization under NSPS. The last payout, Jan 09, over 90% of the organization were 3. Why in the world would you spend thousands of dollars on a pay pool that ends up approving 3s for everyone? What a system.

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