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Applying for a federal job requires you to take a different approach and adhere to a different set of rules and techniques. Unlike private sector recruitment, the procedures followed in federal recruitment go by certain criteria and rules. The basic idea here is to provide every applicant an equal opportunity.

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    Military to Federal Resume Tips

    Military to Federal Resume Tips
    After leaving the military, many servicemen and women must find their first private-industry job or consider using their combat experience to advance their previous careers. One of the most difficult challenges in making this transition is translating military experience into marketable private-industry skills on your resume. Military experience can be simplified by the following four straightforward principles: [gate] h3. Skip the ...
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    5 Signs Your Resumé is Passé

    5 Signs Your Resumé is Passé
    The workplace is not what it was five years ago. Neither is the job hunt. The most successful candidates are those who are ready and willing to adapt to a changing landscape. But it doesn’t matter how ready you are for the modern workplace if your resumé’s straight out of 1994. And sometimes, it's the most minute details that make all ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +11
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    Five Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Five Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Everyone’s made a mistake or three at one point or another in their career. The mistakes that sting the most are ones that can cost a job, or a potential job. My mistake involves a resume with a typo. Over the course of a few months I interviewed several times with the same company. Prior to my final interview, the HR ...
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    Federal Resume Writing Checklist

    Federal Resume Writing Checklist
    A federal resume is a tool for gaining or advancing one’s career in the government arena. At its core, it is similar to the standard private sector resume. However key differences exist in the type and amount of information provided. Therefore, in order to be successful with federal employment, it is necessary to be mindful of these differences. Application Differences Unlike ...
    Published almost 10 years ago | Rated: +15
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