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How Are Federal Resumes Different?

How Are Federal Resumes Different?

Monster Federal Career Coach by Kathryn Troutman

March 03, 2008

So you could send a resume and get a job offer from it?

Yes, absolutely.

What other forms do I have to fill out? I’ve heard about something called KSAs.

KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. These are narrative statements that the agency asks you to write to support your resume. The narratives provide examples supporting your ability to plan and coordinate, for instance. So you would give an example of how you planned and coordinated a meeting, conference or a travel schedule for someone, and you would write about that example to demonstrate that you can plan and coordinate.

How long are these, and how many do you have to fill out?

One page or less. Two-thirds of one page is OK, and there could be three to eight KSAs. But they’re not required for all jobs. Most federal announcements are two steps: Resume plus something else. The “something else” is sometimes KSAs, sometimes questions or a supplemental statement.

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