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Launching a career in government work can be a difficult thing. Follow this guide and learn how to properly network, boost your resume, educate yourself and determind which career would suit you best.

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    Get Uncle Sam to Pay Your Student Loans

    Get Uncle Sam to Pay Your Student Loans
    Whether or not you work for the government, Uncle Sam can help pay for those pesky student loans. GovCentral researched three federal programs that will reduce your student loan payments or even make the payments for you. We’ve also found which careers can give you the best chance to qualify for them. Read on to find out how to get Uncle ...
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    Find Federal Jobs For Your Major

    Find Federal Jobs For Your Major
    To help you choose the right career field, we have prepared the following articles that group federal jobs by appropriate academic majors. As you study the table, please keep these facts in mind: 1. The jobs listed under each major are usually examples, not an all-inclusive list. 2. Many jobs do not require a college degree; job-related experience is just as ...
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    5 Steps to Getting a Government Internship

    5 Steps to Getting a Government Internship
    Launching a career in government work can be a difficult thing, for many reasons. Many applicants are never contacted for a follow-up. It's difficult to contact federal agencies, often due to security concerns. There are so many career choices that it can be difficult to choose. In my opinion, government internships are the cure to all of these paralyzing thoughts, and ...
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    Top Ten Federal Internships

    Top Ten Federal Internships
    Internships provide an individual with a monitored or supervised work or service experience where the individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. These learning goals can include: academic learning, career development, skill development, and personal development. Federal internship programs are available to students across a wide variety of disciplines and ...
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    Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration

    Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration
    Public administration degrees are specifically designed for those who are seeking careers in government policy and administration; therefore, this degree has a more exact focus than a Criminal Justice degree or an MBA. The curriculum includes leadership and management skills, strategic planning, media relations, and disaster response. One can expect to come away from a program in public administration with a ...
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