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Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration

Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration

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Public administration degrees are specifically designed for those who are seeking careers in government policy and administration; therefore, this degree has a more exact focus than a Criminal Justice degree or an MBA.

The curriculum includes leadership and management skills, strategic planning, media relations, and disaster response. One can expect to come away from a program in public administration with a clear understanding of how to react, manage and direct in critical situations, making it a persuasive companion to a resume submitted to Homeland Security and Defense jobs.

A public administration degree provides an academic background for individuals pursuing a career in both government and non-governmental/non-profit organizations. There are several areas of overlap between these pursuits, so an education which combines both will give you competitive strength and allow you to move into either area, according to your own career interests.

For example, you may start your career in fundraising or getting grants for a local or state government program, and later graduate to a managerial position at a larger government agency. A public administration degree or public policy degree gives you great flexibility in changing career titles.

Like a regular degree in management, a public administration or public policy degree can focus on organizational governance, finance, and administration. With this specialization you can look into jobs in local, state, or federal government; in public service sectors such as fire and rescue or healthcare; or non-profit organizations such as arts or international relief agencies.

Career Options:
• Budget Analysts
• Public Relations Specialists
• Administrative Specialists
• Program Analysts
• Public Utilities Specialists

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