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5 Steps to Getting a Government Internship

5 Steps to Getting a Government Internship

Image Courtesy of Flickr. Creative Commons

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Editor

Launching a career in government work can be a difficult thing, for many reasons. Many applicants are never contacted for a follow-up. It’s difficult to contact federal agencies, often due to security concerns. There are so many career choices that it can be difficult to choose.

In my opinion, government internships are the cure to all of these paralyzing thoughts, and a perfect way for you to network, boost your resume, educate yourself, and determine which government career would suit you best.

Convinced yet? After reading our 5 step guide to getting a federal internship, you will be. Check it out:

Step 1: The Basics of Government Internships
Step 2: Determine Your Area of Interest
Step 3: Find the Right Agencies
Step 4: Polish Your Resume
Step 5: Nail Your Application

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