Department of Labor Internship

Department of Labor Internship

DOL's 2007 Summer Interns.

Internship FAQs

Who is eligible to apply?
U.S. citizens 16 years or older.

How long are the internships?
Summer: 10 weeks, full-time
Semester: semester-long, full-time/part-time

Why is it best to apply early?
For fall/spring — It’s best to apply early because there are limited opportunities and spots are filled on a rolling basis.

For summer — The summer program is highly competitive. I recommend applying early to ensure that your application is complete.

Will I be notified whether my application is considered complete?

Yes, once we process your application materials, the Department will e-mail you notifying you whether your application is complete or incomplete. During the summer, we notify students closer to mid-March.

Does every agency listed offer internships?
It is possible that an agency may defer accepting new intern applications at any given time.

Are all internships paid?
While the majority of internship positions turn out to be paid, we advise applicants that these positions may be very limited, especially during the academic year. Any agency within the Department may opt to only accept students who are willing to take an internship for academic credit (unpaid) at any given time.

What is the salary?
Internships are paid according to the federal government GS Pay schedule. Salary ranges from $700-1,200 bi-weekly, depending on academic status.

We also offer unpaid internships to students who wish to obtain academic credit towards their degree.

I am currently pursuing my graduate degree, are there internships available for students at my academic level?
Yes, however this program is tailored for undergraduate level students. We will consider your application but you may want to consider other programs within the Department of Labor.

If I am a recent graduate, can I apply to this program?
No, proof of current academic enrollment is required for this program. If you are applying for the summer program, however you can apply as long as you are enrolled in a graduate level program for the upcoming fall semester (ie., law School, graduate school).

What is the preferred method to send application materials?
The best way to send your completed application is through the United States Postal Service.

Paid vs. unpaid positions?
The majority of internship positions are paid. However, any agency within the Department may opt to only accept students who are willing to take an internship for academic credit (unpaid) at any given time.


Where is the Department of Labor located?
The Department of Labor is located at 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C., 20210. If you choose the Metro as your mode of transportation, take the Red line train to Judiciary Square.

Directions from the Metro

There are two exits from Judiciary Square; follow the signs that read “Courthouse/4th Street Exit." Once you exit the Metro, go straight across a small plaza and cross D Street at the crosswalk. Follow the walkway that veers slightly left and ends up at 3rd Street. Turn right on Third Street and cross Third at the first light (3rd and C Street N.W. Intersection). The Department of Labor is straight ahead, with a large fountain in front.

Does DOL help students find housing in the DC area?
No, however many students find adequate housing by living in student housing near one of the many colleges/universities in the area.

  1. American University
  2. Catholic University of America
  3. Gallaudet University
  4. George Mason University
  5. George Washington University
  6. Georgetown University
  7. Howard University
  8. Marymount University
  9. University of Maryland College Park Campus

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