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Top Six Federal Government Co-ops

Top Six Federal Government Co-ops

US Office of Personnel Management

Cooperative Education provides the opportunity for the student, educational institution, and a Federal department or agency to enhance a student’s career through a combination of classroom studies and on-the-job training. Students can serve their nation while receiving experience for future employment opportunities. Programs are offered to students from a variety of disciplines including meteorology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, ecology and the social sciences.

1. Global Change Education Program – Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS)

SOARS is an undergraduate-to-graduate bridge program designed to broaden participation in the atmospheric and related sciences. The program is equal parts research internship, learning community, and mentoring program. SOARS offers comprehensive financial support for summer research and graduate school for up to four years.

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2. Laboratory Research Cooperative Program (LRCP)

The LRCP is designed for continuous research and the long-term exchange of information between university or college professors and laboratory personnel at Army centers of research. LRCP objectives include working on broad scientific and technical problems of interest to the Army and advancing the state of the art within the discipline under study.

For more information visit the Laboratory Research Cooperative website.

3. Naval Research Laboratory Student Volunteers

This program provides students with volunteer service opportunities as part of an agency program established to provide educational experience. The work is done strictly on an uncompensated basis. The acceptance of student volunteer services enables departments and agencies to contribute to the enrichment of educational programs.

Applicants may apply online via the Student Volunteer Program’s online application.

4. Short-Term Analytical Services (STAS)

STAS is designed to procure analysts/scientists to provide analysis, advice and assistance on a short-term or intermittent basis for the resolution of specific scientific or technological problems when the objectives can be reached in a short time and the expertise required is not available at the requesting Government laboratory. STAS tasks provide for a quick response to resolve specific scientific or technological problems associated with missions of Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian agency sponsors.

Visit the STAS website for more information.

5. United States Secret Service, Stay-in-School Program

The Secret Service Student Temporary Education Employee Program gives students the opportunity to earn money and continue or resume their education at the same time. Candidates for the Stay-in-School Program will be required to meet financial eligibility guidelines through the State Employment Office, their educational institution’s Financial Aid Office, or be certified through the Secret Service Personnel Office.

For more information on the program and for information on how to apply visit the Stay-in-School Program website.

6. Cooperative Grants Program (COOP)

The Cooperative Grants Program has provided seed funding for 977 creative programs involving more than 460,000 U.S. and international students and scholars, community members, faculty, and campus staff. The Cooperative Grants Program closed its last cycle of competition with the summer incentive grants in 2004.

Many of these programs have been included in the COOP Model Programs Library.

Click here to learn more about COOP.

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