Featured Career: Healthcare Manager
Job Description
Healthcare is America’s largest occupational group, with more than 13 million jobs. According to the Department of Labor, healthcare employment is projected to increase 27 percent through 2014 and account for about 3.6 million new jobs between 2004 and 2014.

Many of those new jobs will be within the federal government, which already employs more than 140,000 healthcare workers. Registered nurse positions – at 50,000 strong – and medical officers – holding more than 22,000 jobs – are two of the largest federal healthcare occupations.

Median Salary
$43,920 – $61,000.

Educational Requirements
A master’s degree in health services administration, long-term care administration, health sciences, public health, public administration or business administration is the standard credential for most generalist positions in this field. However, a bachelor’s degree is adequate for some entry-level positions in smaller facilities and at the departmental level within healthcare organizations. Physicians’ offices and some other facilities may substitute on-the-job experience for formal education.

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Job Outlook
Opportunities will be especially good in offices of physicians and other health practitioners, home healthcare services and outpatient care centers. Applicants with work experience in the healthcare field and strong business and management skills should have the best opportunities.

Do Federal Employees Need College Degrees?
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