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    Glossary of Federal Terms

    h4. B BREAK IN SERVICE — The time when an employee is no longer on the payroll of an agency. (In computing creditable service for benefits, e.g., leave accrual and reduction in force retention, a separation of 1, 2, or 3 calendar days is not considered to be a break in service; a separation of 4 or more calendar days is ...
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    Top 25 Most Popular Federal Careers

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    Financial Administrator

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    Civil Engineer

    Civil engineers perform civil engineering project planning duties, such as scheduling and layout of operations, planning for budget requirements, and inspection and surveillance of materials, methods, and equipment used in tests and/or construction. They organize, schedule, coordinate, and facilitate the timing, sequence, quality, quantity, and issues related to all such projects and work requests. They also perform the following duties: 1) ...
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    Contract Specialist

    As a contract specialist, you will be responsible for the acquisition of equipment and services of significant importance to the agency. This includes responsibility for solicitation, negotiation, administration, close-out and termination of purchase orders and contracts. A wide variety of commodities are acquired including furniture, telecommunication equipment, ammunition, surveillance equipment, and various services and maintenance efforts. Additional duties may include developing, ...
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    Statisticians participate in and manage the full range of data collection, analysis, and data dissemination activities and functions. They develop survey and study specifications and procedures, assist in data collection operations, develop and design survey questionnaires, analyze and evaluate data, develop official U.S. Government statistics, and disseminate study results through written publications and oral presentations. Agency Bureau of the Census Salary ...
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    Economists are responsible for the collection, review, and compilation of data from either primary or secondary sources to support federal programs. Data are reviewed for accuracy and consistency at which time an analysis of the findings is prepared. Results of the analysis may be in the form of internal reports, press releases, or articles for publication. Many economists are concerned primarily ...
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    Passport Specialist

    These positions are located in the Adjudication Section of the Passport Office. At the lower grade level, you will receive both classroom and on-the-job training in the examination and adjudication of passport applications. You will receive, examine and review passport applications forwarded by passport application Acceptance Agents, or presented in person by the applicant or the applicant's representative. Passport Specialists review ...
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    Step 2: Federal Hiring Process

    Many Federal agencies fill their jobs like private industry by allowing applicants to contact the agency directly for job information and application processing. But, while the process is similar, there are significant differences due to the many laws, executive orders, and regulations that govern Federal employment. Many years ago, applicants who passed the civil service test were placed on standing registers ...
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    Individual Tax Payer Advisory Specialist

    Individual Tax Payer Advisory Specialists work in the Internal Revenue Service's Wage and Investment Operating Division. They are responsible for providing basic advice, technical and procedural information, and customers service to a variety of taxpayers and/or their representatives through face-to-face meetings. They resolve taxpayer account, payment, filing and notices issues; facilitating the resolution of some examination and collection issues of Wage ...
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    The 25 Federal Agencies Hiring the Fastest

    The 25 Federal Agencies Hiring the Fastest
    Federal agencies fill their jobs like private industry. Most Federal agencies are responsible for their own hiring actions. It's important for all federal job seekers to keep on top of which agencies are hiring the most and what positions they are hiring for. Since the federal government keeps track of which agencies have the most vacancies to fill, we can disseminate ...
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